Demolition Services in Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC

Junkernauts is the premier specialist for residential and commercial demolition in the local area!

Here at Junkernauts, LLC we provide the absolute best in demolition services in the local Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC market.

Don't let anything stand in between you and that beautiful new office space: our Commercial Demolition service is flexible to your time and budget constraints. If you're considering your next demolition job call us and we'll be happy to help you!

Can we help you with your next demolition project?

Can we help you with your next demolition project?

Here is a short list of all the Demolition services that we provide in Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC area

Whether you're looking for demolition and remodeling in your home or business, we can handle anything you need. Putting your business on hold to remodel the office or move into that new building can cause a lot of issues. Our Commercial Demolition services are designed to move your project forward as fast as possible without breaking the bank.

If you have any of the following demolition needs:

  • Wall removal -- Commercial or Residential
  • Lot clean up
  • Business remodel
  • Building expansion
  • Home addition
  • Home remodel
  • Renovation (commercial or residential)
  • Commercial interior demolition
  • Shed and deck demolition

Or any other demolition goals, give us a call today!

Whenever you're deciding whether or not to do any expansions for your home or business, we can come in and do the necessary demolition and junk removal to get your project underway.

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