Give Yourself a Tidier Property

Give Yourself a Tidier Property

We offer tree debris removal in Charlotte, NC and Rock Hill, SC

Have you recently completed a major landscaping or home renovation project?

Are you planning a major spring cleaning in your Rock Hill, South Carolina or Charlotte, North Carolina backyard?

Don't break your back - or waste your Saturday - taking endless trips to the dump. Call Junkernauts, LLC to the rescue! Our crew can clear your property of tree debris, remodeling debris and more.

Call us at 704-774-8950 for your:

  • Bulk waste collection and removal
  • Total home gutting and cleanup
  • Contractor debris cleanup and removal
  • Remodeling debris collection and disposal
  • Eviction cleanup
  • Tree debris and yard waste collection and removal
  • Seasonal cleanup
  • Commercial office cleanout
  • Renovation cleanup and removal

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The Junkernauts team is professional, fast, affordable and reliable. Contact us today to get started with your Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC cleanup!

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