Start With a Clean Slate

Start With a Clean Slate

We offer bulk waste collection in Charlotte, NC

Do you live in Rock Hill, South Carolina or Charlotte, North Carolina? Have you recently asked yourself, "What am I going to do with all this junk?"

Junkernauts, LLC is the answer you've been searching for. Save yourself the price of a truck rental - and a trip to the local dump - by hiring us. There's nothing so worthless that we won't come fetch it. Our team will arrive at your Rock Hill or Charlotte property and clear it of trash, recyclables and more.

Call us at 704-774-8950 for your:

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Junk pickup and disposal
  • Waste collection and disposal
  • Debris cleanup and removal
  • DIY cleanup and disposal
  • Old appliance pickup and removal
  • Commercial junk collection and disposal
  • Recycling pickup and drop off

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The Junkernauts team is professional, fast, affordable and reliable. Contact us today to get started with your Charlotte, NC or Rock Hill, SC cleanup!

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